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Friday, September 21, 2007

End of another week

Today is Friday!!! Although, truthfully, since starting this job I am enjoying the weeks as much as the weekends. This has been a good week. I like my students. I like my classes. I like working in the costume shop (I spend the mornings in classes, thinking and being intellectual and then get to spend the afternoon being hands-on). Because I wanted to assess where my work study students are in terms of sewing I brought in some hat patterns and have given them free reign of our meager material supply. And they really jumped into it (I too am making an adorable little hat as well!). Hopefully they will be as excited to tackle Cinderella costumes.

Tomorrow Reid and I are attending a "New Faculty Fall Social" at the provost's house... sounds awfully hoighty-toighty, doesn't it? Ah well... such is the life of a professor :0)


Dad said...

So does Reid have a "formal" bolo tie for the hoighty-toighty doings?

Andrew & Alaina said...

So glad things are going well! The costume "stuff" sounds fun - ah the days of sitting at CP sewing or knitting pieces to add to our collection. :) I rarely do either one these days. Have a great weekend! I'll e-mail some recipes soon!