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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Back to the Grind

After a three day weekend it was difficult, but I am back to the flow of school. On Sunday Reid, Tater and I drove down to Taos, New Mexico. It is a fabulous town with lots of art galleries, boutiques and restaurants. I scoped out where the wool festival is going to be for when Sarah and Mom come to visit in October (and there are two yarn shops in Taos as well).

There was some sad news on Sunday though. As we were climbing into the car Reid dropped our camera from the doorway to the pavement (in its case) and something inside broke. It still turns on but there is a huge crack visible through the view finder and no matter what you turn it to the picture is white... So, there will be a drop off on pictures on the blog until we can either get it fixed or buy a replacement. We can take pictures with the primitive film technology still, but there is a much greater lag time for posting.

Monday was a nice quiet day. I worked in the office some and then read Harry Potter (I'm halfway through book six! I know, way behind the times...). And now I must plan for class tomorrow.


amy said...

This reminds me of how, during our drive to CA, we stopped at Petrified Forest AZ and our camera *somehow* crashed into a toilet.So, needless to say it didn't turn on after the splish-splash-crash. I saw it as an excuse to buy a new camera...

Jamie said...

Sorry about the camera :(
Taos sounds lovely, how far was that? New James pics up!

Becky said...

That is so tragic!! I'm sorry about the camera!