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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Reid's last day of work

It was Reid's last day with the county of Hanover today. The folks at his plant had a pitch-in cook-out this evening for his going away. I went up and took potato salad and brownies. It was all very good food! I know that he is looking forward to going to Colorado, but I also know that he really liked this job (the hours and the people he worked with).

And now it's on to some serious packing! Well... and tomorrow I'm going to go shopping for the things that are difficult to get in Alamosa (like the Bath & Body Works soap that I like, that is a two hour drive to get to... I'm stocking up)!

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Dad said...

They have invented this really nifty thing called the internet. I am told that if all else fails you can "order on-line" whatever that means :-)