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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Move Update

So, our pets are officially freaked out by the idea of moving... last night while I was lying in bed reading all three of them were lying on the bed with me. This never happens! Reid was even able to snap a photo of this perhaps once in a lifetime moment!

(Neither of the cats are really possessed... they just appear that way in photos!)

Tater has taken to hiding under things.

And real box packing has taken place!

(This was once our dining room area... it is now book/box alley)

(Doesn't this look like an "Eye Spy" book gone bad? And just for your information, the punching dummy's name is Bob and yes, he creeps me out a little)


amy said...

I love that you have a box that was once called "re-enacting clothes"!

Good luck on your move! I kind of prefer the do-it-yourself move, even if there is the slight fear of your moving van being stolen from some hotel parking lot...

Jamie said...

I love Tater in the basket pic... I am sure they (the pets) will survive the move just fine. I may be a little worreid about you and Reid :) Hang in there, I know packing sucks. But wow! You have definitley made a dent.

Jamie said...

In answer to your question from my blog, Grandma Jo will be about 20 minutes from Brannon, b/c Jason and Andi live about 10 minutes west of us. Overall, much closer for everyone.

And as I have just recently watched Finding Nemo, I will borrow a quote from Dori and say "just keep packing, just keep packing, just keep packing,packing,packing...."