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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Last Post for Awhile

Well... we are about ready to pack up the computer so that we can load the computer cabinet into the truck. So, this is the last post for awhile. Just so that you all know where I am and what I am up to, here is my two week itinerary:

Today: We load the truck... for many more hours.

Wednesday: We continue to load the truck if necessary (and I run all of the errands I still need to run and hopefully do a little bit of saying goodbye to Richmond)

Thursday: I fly to New Orleans for the ATHE Conference. I will be there until Sunday evening. I am presenting a paper and hopefully learning lots of useful stuff at other people's presentations (and relax a little by the pool/in the French Quarter).

Reid and my parents will wait here at the house for the truck to be picked up (we are using ABF U-Pack, where we load the truck and then they will actually drive it to Colorado for us). Then all three of them, our two cats, our dog and their dog will descend upon my sister's home for the weekend in what has been termed by Sarah "The Doty-Neilsen Invasion of 2007."

Sunday: I fly back to Baltimore where someone will hopefully pick me up and take me back to my sister's house.

Monday: We get up early, and drive to Indianapolis where we will spend the night with my in-laws. One of the cars will be the quiet person car (my dad is also driving with us and two of us will be in that car). The other car will be the animal car (two cats and a dog... the dog occasionalyl gets car sick and the cats cry the whole time they are in the car... have pity on us!).

Tuesday: We drive from Indy to Olathe, KS and spend an evening with our friends, Jamie, Alex and their son James.

Wednesday: We drive until we are tired (stopping hopefully in Colorado).

Thursday: We get up and drive the rest of the way to Alamosa, arriving some time mid-morning. We meet our landlord and get to see the home we are renting for the first time! Then we show Dad around Alamosa.

Friday: Dad gets on a plane and flies back to the east coast to meet up with my mom. Our truck will hopefully arrive and we will begin the massive task of unloading the truck. Oh... and it's Reid and I's 5 year anniversary, spent amongst boxes no doubt!

Hopefully we will have the computer set up Saturday or Sunday of that week (August 4 or 5).
And then I will post many pictures of our adventures! I may be able to post at my sister's house next Sunday but I won't guarantee anything :)
Hope you are all well until then!


Jamie said...

I love the "quiet person car" and the "animal car", how is that rotation going to work?

Andrew & Alaina said...

Hope the moving is going well! Thinking of you!