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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Crisis Averted!!

I went to the mall, for probably the last time in a long time since the closest mall to Alamosa is over two hours away. I didn't buy too much (teehee!) but just enjoyed the wandering in and out of stores. And Dad, it's true I can order many things over the internet, but shoes and bras are much easier to pick when you're standing in the store!

While I was away it was Reid's job to contact the apartment complex and make certain that it was alright with them that we park a 26' trailer in the parking lot for four days next week. Well... the first woman in the office to whom he spoke said that it wouldn't be allowed, that it would get towed and that the only place on the property that it could be parked was the maintenance yard, which is over a quarter of a mile from our apartment... So, Reid went to the maintenance supervisor and asked if that was indeed the case and if there was someplace at the yard where we could park the trailer. After explaining our situation (and telling him where we lived in the complex) he agreed with Reid that it probably wouldn't be a problem to park the trailer immediately in front of our apartment, since there is a long curb there where it would not be blocking traffic or taking up more than a car or two's space. Reid then went over to the office and the woman he talked to (who may or may not have been the first woman) agreed that it probably wouldn't be a problem but that the office manager, who could give the go ahead, was at lunch. So, he came home and we worried for a little bit. Then he went back over, explained it to yet another person (the manager) and she also agreed that she did not think it would be a problem. So, we are hoping that is the case!!! Lord knows we don't sell drugs out of our apartment, don't grow drugs in our apartment, and have not shot anyone since we have been here so I think the least they could let us do is park a stupid trailer out front for a couple of days!

I call to confirm the truck tomorrow and at that time am actually going to ask if they can wait and bring the truck on Tuesday (still picking up on Thursday) so that it's only here for two nights, instead of three. This would be especially good since Reid doesn't want to load the truck until Wednesday (since we don't live in the best neighborhood and it would really suck to have our stuff stolen before we even get started moving!).

So, long story short, we think we have a place to park the truck when it comes next week! :)


Dad said...

I was only "joking" about the internet but I bet Bath & Body Works has a really neat website (I haven't looked though).

For the trailer, may I suggest you go to the hardware store and buy a really macho looking padlock. Put it on when the trailer is sitting and you aren't loading or unloading (but be sure and remove it when they pick up the trailer - else they will cut it off). Doesn't prevent people from stealing but at least we can sleep at night knowing that your stuff isn't just casually walking away.

Jamie said...

Ditto on the padlock. We had a very scary looking one on the Penske we used when we moved to K.C. It is definitely a deterrent.