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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Another milestone!

I am officially done washing other people's dogs... forever! Hooray! Today was my last day at the Holiday Barn Pet Resort and it was, luckily, a light day with only six dogs. It was a little eery because they were all very well behaved, making it seem as if they knew that it was my last day.
Now all I have to do is get nineteen persuasive speeches graded, go to one more speech class and I will then be officially done with all of my jobs in Richmond! Hooray!


Dad said...


But wasn't there something about getting a syllabus (sp??) done for a couple of classes :-)

Andrew & Alaina said...

Hey Jenna!! I'm so glad you stopped by my blog! How are you guys?

I'm back out at Conner Prairie just a little and was talking with Tim the other day and missing you and the others so much! Those were the good old days. :)

Take care and please stay in touch! My e-mail is the same - please send me your mailing address when you get a chance!