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Sunday, May 27, 2007

My In-Laws left...

My in-laws left yesterday. But before they rode off into the western sunset, we were able to visit the American Frontier Culture Museum (http://www.frontier.virginia.gov/). It's a museum just outside of Staunton, VA in the Shenandoah Valley that represents life pre-immigration for the Irish, German and English and how those cultures influenced the culture of the American settler.

We enjoyed ourselves and took lots of pictures of iron work for Reid (they had a 1730s period forge and Reid really enjoyed talking with their blacksmith). I also bought a present for my sister and my mom, got to pet a lamb (one of a set of triplets) and bought fresh made fudge for the drive home. Yummy!

Then this morning Reid and I were sorting the quilts that my mother has given to us (refolding them) and Tater enjoyed the wedding quilt very much!

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mom said...

Grandpa is defending you TaTa!! Says you were just a tired doggie! LOL