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Monday, April 23, 2007

My Contract

I just received my contract today! That means as soon as I send it out I will officially have a job! Hooray... now I just have to fill out all of the forms.

In other news, Julie and I defended our thesis today (first ever co-written thesis in the VCU theatre department and possibly all of VCU). It was lovely. We sat around and chatted with our thesis committee, discussing what we learned and where we are going from here. It was very informal for a thesis defense (we even brought treats!).


Dad said...

Okay, so I am confused (so what else is new?). Are you going to be an associate or an assitant? Which is "higher" up the ladder?

Jenna said...

I will go in as assistant prof. The ranks are:
assistant professor
associate professor
full professor

You generally get promoted to associate professor when you go up for tenure (5 years at Adams State). Then you go up for full professor a few years after that.

Dad said...

Do grad students get senioritis?

Jenna said...

You bet we do!! Luckily the end of this semester is light for me, so there isn't as much to slack off on... :)