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Friday, April 27, 2007


I love Fridays... I usually have a lot to do over the weekend, but on Friday it always seems manageable.

I spent the last two evenings watching undergraduate directing projects in a theatre that was about 90 degrees inside. Apparently there is a broken part in the generator and the school is shopping around for the part... this means that when we perform the graduate directing projects next week (Monday and Wednesday evenings) there will most likely still be no air conditioning. As I am in two of the projects (each lasting about twenty minutes), I am hoping that our recent coldish snap continues into next week. I haven't looked at the weather forecast but my magic eight-ball tells me that the outlook is not good.

In other news I have sent back my contract with all of my paperwork. I started looking online today for a job for Reid in Alamosa.... it could take awhile to find something that is not going to either:
a. Break his back (literally)
b. Be so monotonous that I poke my eyes out for him
c. He is qualified for (a lot of the jobs in Alamosa are at the hospital, and a radiologist my husband is not)
But... I'm sure we'll find one. Wouldn't it be perfect if there were an opening at the Great Sand Dunes or one of the other parks in the area? I know a part of him would really like that (back to interpreting). But we'll find something.

We are also now signed up on an automatic mailing list with a realtor in Alamosa, which sends us new houses with land when they are posted to the web... no new houses so far. I'm hoping as May progresses there will be more. The realtor said finding a rental with three pets can be dicey, so keep your fingers crossed for us that the perfect house will come along (and that we can find Reid a job so that we can afford this perfect house).

What else? My acting students performed their final scenes on Tuesday and they were really good! It made both Julie and I really happy to see how much they have grown this year. I'm sure that a lot of it is simply college maturation, but I like to think that a little bit of it is Julie and I's teaching. Of course they have a long way to go. But overall, really good work.
And speaking of acting class, it's time for me to go grade some more papers!

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