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Sunday, April 22, 2007


This is Castle Rock, which can be seen on the drive from Denver to Alamosa (it is on the "Front Range" before you go through the pass to the San Luis Valley). Reid was very excited because Castle Rock is a place mentioned in the "Oregon Trail" game from our childhood!

This is looking east on Main Street in Alamosa.

This is Main Street looking West.

This picture was taken standing in the Walmart parking lot (which is west of town) back towards town and Blanco Peak (which unfortunately is shrouded in clouds. It is the third highest peak in Colorado).

This is the Adams State Theatre the morning that we left Alamosa. It has a 250 seat proscenium space (with lots of fly space! as is evident by the shape of the building) and a 120ish seat experimental space.

This is going through the pass on our way back to Denver. There were a few white knuckle sections with ice, but overall, it was beautiful!

Okay, so I know it's proably for elk and not moose, but I took the picture for Dad anyway.

Look Sarah, there is a whale in Alamosa!


Anonymous said...

Pictures!! I need this! And now I will never hear from EITHER of my children by phone. "just go read the blog, Mom"! LOL
love you

Sarah said...

I like the whale!
And the downtown looks very flat... but then there's mountains right there, too. I think I need to visit to figure this town out. :)

Dad said...


Now I have TWO blogs to check every day! (no pressure or nothing :-)